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XNoo Slave Empire is an online slaving trading and management game.

You're one of the children sent by competing parents from a galaxy far far away to colonise Earth. Initially you are equipped with limited amount of money, food supply and you're out buying slaves and conquering other empires to fulfill your parents' dreams.

XNoo is Turn- & Time-based. You have 24 turns per reset, which is equivalent to 360 days (1 year). If you don't complete all turns, at the end of the day the server will help you to complete all turns. If all players have completed 24 turns before the end of the day, they'll trigger a manual reset, which starts a new 24-turn cycle again. So theoritically active players can finish a couple of years in a matter of hours.

The winning conditions are pre-determined by players, for example being the last empire standing, being the richest, or the most powerful empire after xx years.

The core of XNoo are slaves, as they produce food, gather gold and train to defend your empire. Slaves are also your burden as they consume food and good everyday even if they are not working.

Another important concept of XNoo is the Life Unit and traits. Each slave has a set of traits (farming, trading and military ability) as well as a limited supply of Life Units which cannot be changed. All these traits determine when a slave's life will end, and when he will be promoted to a higher class (with better productivity). Therefore it is very important to manage your slaves properly so that they are given enough tasks to gain experienes and promotion quickly, while not too abusive which will shorten their lives.

All in all, it is up to you to decide the fate of your empire and slaves.

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